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About Us

Welcome to FoodDaze, your go-to Makhana destination! We're dedicated to delivering top-quality, deliciously innovative Makhana snacks. Sourced from trusted farmers, our Makhana is processed in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a perfect blend of purity and flavor. From traditional masala to sweet indulgences, our snacks cater to diverse tastes. At FoodDaze, we prioritize health, offering low-calorie, protein-rich Makhana options. We're not just a snack; we're a commitment to sustainability, supporting local communities and promoting ethical sourcing. Join us on a flavorful journey where every bite is a celebration of taste and well-being!

Our Journey

As an engineer, I ventured to Delhi & many Cities in search of a business opportunity, prompted by many customer’s consistent demand for Makhana. Realizing Bihar’s significant Makhana production, I returned home with the idea to start. Despite multiple visits to Darbhanga yielding no results, I shifted focus to Purnea.

In Harda market, lacking of knowledge and  support, I encountered Vinod Ji, a Makhana farmer. Though my initial proposal was declined, fate brought a second chance after four months when Vinod Ji approached me to initiate our collaboration. This marked the beginning of our business journey against the odds.

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Worth it of buying a good quality,hygiene, fresh, great packaging food it's a good in my experience.
Shikha Mishra

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